The Best Icy Highlights for Winter

It’s been a minute since you’ve heard from me but it’s been wild here at Laura Geller HQ; between Black Friday & Cyber Monday, and throw in some QVC shows it’s been really fun!

Now we’re back to regularly scheduled programming and I’m here to talk about one of our favorite topics: highlighters.

Highlighting has been such a trend but it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. Here at Laura Geller, we’re perfectly ok with that!

That being said, highlighting isn’t going anywhere but we’re seeing new trends within the trend pop up. One of those being icy, cool toned highlighters. It’s something different, stands out amongst all the gold & peach highlighters in your collection, and is PERFECT for winter!

Icy highlights can be defined as bright white (or even pink) highlights on their own, or have a blue or purple hue to them. There a quite a few icy highlighters on the market and below are my favorites!

Becca Vanilla Quartz: This is a new launch from Becca and it’s a gorgeous, glowing vanilla shade with a touch of pink. It reminds me of snow in the middle of the night when street lights dance on the white snow. UGH so pretty!

Laura Geller Diamond Dust: I couldn’t talk about icy highlighters without mentioning this one. It’s a beautiful icy white shade that has silver, pink, and purple shifts to it and it looks really gorgeous on all skin tones.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Palette: This palette definitely leans more on the iridescent side of things but it has that icy feel to it, especially Blue Ice, Lucky Clover, and Pink Heart. They’re really good highlights and the palette definitely gives a winter vibe.

Laura Geller Fairy Dust: Be warned, this item is currently sold out but we’re hoping to have it back on QVC eventually, so I had to mention it! It’s limited edition and included in our Let There Be Light Illuminator Wardrobe from our QVC Holiday Collection. It’s very silver, very light, and simply stunning. It really looks like fairy dust & is so pretty!

What is your favorite icy highlighter this winter season?


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