Makeup That Will Make You Look Well Rested

The time has come… we’re going to lose an hour of sleep on March 10 aka Daylight Savings Time as we spring forward into the spring season. While a cup of coffee can prevent you from feeling tired as you adjust to this new routine, we have the key items to use to make you look more well rested.

Spackle Concealer

While any concealer will help conceal dark circles from not getting enough sleep, we highly recommend Spackle Concealer to get you through the tough days. This medium-full coverage formula is long wearing, covers anything and everything, and will leave your under eyes looking fresh & natural. It has a primer built in so it fills in and smooths fine lines.

  • 93% of women who used the concealer saw all day coverage
  • 90% of women who used Spackle Concealer saw smoother looking skin
  • 96% of women saw that their dark circles were completely concealed.

Spackle Concealer is the one thing you need to save yourself this Daylight Savings Time.

Shine Stick Triple Benefit Lip Color

Shine Stick is a lip color you may be confused about — is it a lipstick? a gloss? A balm? Well, it’s all of those things! Shine Stick comes in eight colors, most of them being bold and bright which makes them perfect for spring.

The reason they’re good for making you look well rested is because of their formula. While it has the pigment of a lipstick which will help you feel more put together, it has the feeling of a balm which hydrates your lips. The slick look of a gloss will reflect the light and make your lips look a little more plump and beautiful.

Plus, a bold lip color will distract others from your sleepy eyes.

Spackle Mist Restore

If you skin needs an extra boost in the morning after a restless night, Spackle Mist Restore is going to give you what you’re looking for. The Coconut Water infused in the mist is soothing, while the also boosting the skin’s radiance. The refreshing feel of the mist will calm and wake up your skin for a fabulous day ahead.

What are your must haves to make it appear as if you got  a full eight hours?

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