How to Achieve Red Carpet Glamour

The Oscars are only two days away and we will finally be at the end of award season. It has been an exciting season filled with Lady Gaga, hilarious moments and many beautiful beauty looks. That’s one of the best parts about award season… seeing the red carpet glamour on our favorite celebrities!

There were definitely beauty trends that made their debut on the carpet this season and if you want to look red carpet glamorous, these are the trends to follow.

Graphic Eyeliner


Eyeliner is always on trend but dramatic, graphic winged eyeliner has been prominent on the red carpet this year. You can get very creative with it or just try your hand at a thicker, more intense wing. Line-n-Define Dual Dimension Eyeliner is the best product for this look as it has a thick felt tip at one end and a colored Kajal pencil at the other.

Matte Skin


While we will always have a special place in our heart for dewy skin, smooth, matte skin is making a huge comeback. All the ladies on the red carpets (especially the Golden Globes) had matte skin. If you want to achieve this look, we recommend trying Cover Lock Cream Foundation and Double Take Powder Foundation. 

Nude Makeup


We saw minimal color on the red carpet so far this season (aside from our next trend) and it’s all about the nudes. From blush to eyeshadow to skin, everything was clean and neutral. If you’re in the mood to go nude, try the Meet the Nudes Multi-Tasking Palette — you can use it for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Who doesn’t love a good multi-use palette?

Bold Lips


There was one exception to the ‘nude makeup’ rule this year and that was all about LIPS. Bold lips were everywhere and everyone took part. Whether you went classic red, or a pop of pink, celebrities wanted to make a statement with their pout. If you want to make a similar statement, we recommend our Allure Best of Beauty Winning lipstick shade “Broadway Glitz”. However, if you don’t want something that bold, Fifth Ave Ruby or Greenwich St Berry.


What is a red carpet trend you’ve loved this season?


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