Beach Bag Beauty Essentials

Are you having fun in the sun this summer? We are! Everyone is headed to the beach, pool, or even a lake to cool off in the summer heat, but we never leave the house without a few essentials.

When I pack up my beach bag for the day I always have to have a few beauty products with me. I go to the beach sans makeup, (maybe just a touch of concealer to hide my under eyes) but always pack some of my favorite things for a beachy look.

Here is what I ALWAYS have in my beach bag:

SPF: I usually have a few different sunscreens in my bag, one for my face and one for my body. I also make it a point to have a lip balm that has at least SPF 30. Never forget about your lips because they can burn/chap very easily in the sun! Another great SPF product to have, especially if your scalp is exposed is a hair SPF. It’ll protect those luscious locks of yours from harmful sun rays!

Face Mist: There’s nothing more refreshing than a mist of cool water while sitting on the beach. I already dove into refreshing spray mists a few posts back but this one is my favorite to keep in my beach bag.

After Sun Spray: This is a new product that I just discovered and now I cannot be without it. After sitting in the sun all day, even if you have SPF on, your skin can be irritated. Spray a bit of this on your body and it’ll cool down your skin instantly. This is also a great alternative if you prefer a cream product (and something a little more inexpensive)

Invisibobbles: I hate having my hair down at the beach so I make sure I always have a few of my favorite hair ties. Invisibobbles don’t leave a dent in your hair, no matter how long it’s holding your hair up. They also stretch out quite nicely but they don’t stay stretched out so you never feel like you can’t use them!

Depending on where I’m going after the beach/pool/etc I’ll take my concealer and a waterproof mascara with me as well!

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