Spring 2017 Trends

It may not feel like Spring but it’s almost April so we’re getting there. This is the time of year where you start transitioning out of winter; breaking out lighter colors, ditching the boots for flats, and thinking about how you’re going to change up your makeup.

Trends come with every season and spring is no exception; people are looking to change things up as the weather warms up. Sometimes a trend might fit with your style and sometimes it won’t; if you don’t like a trend there’s no need to force yourself to wear it just because everyone else is. You may even be able to alter it completely to your liking.

Trends are something that comes and goes but your style *usually* always remains the same.

Almost all of the trends I’ve seen so far are wearable if you think about it…


  • Smudged Eyeliner: Smoky eyes have always and probably always will be on trend but this season we’re seeing something a little different. It’s not a full-blown smoky eye but it still has that darkness and edge. It’s a relatively easy to look to achieve with your favorite black eyeliner and a smudge brush. Our Kajal Eyeliners from QVC are perfect for this look; they’re very pigmented, long wearing, and the way they apply, make it perfect for smudging.



spring beauty-laurageller

  • High Pigment Blush: Blush is making a strong comeback and that’s perfect for us because you know here at Laura Geller we LOVE blush! The trend seems to be a loud pop of color on the cheeks, and even applying it a bit higher than where you normally would. Any one of our blushes would work with that because they’re so highly pigmented and long wearing.



spring beauty trends-laura geller-shine stick

  • Bold Lips: This trend has been around for some time but we’re moving away from the matte side of things. *Matte lips aren’t going anywhere but especially for spring, we’re moving toward more glossy finishes*. There’s no better product for bold, glossy lips than our new Shine Stick Lip Colors that are super high shine & glossy while still packing a serious punch of color!


  • Unexpected Color: On par with high pigment blush, this trend is all about color. It could be your lashes, lips, or eyes, but throwing in a bright color is going to be something you see everywhere. We have the PERFECT palette for that so get your makeup bag spring ready!

PS: Another huge trend that will be here for a while is holographic makeup, which we talked about this week! And, if you need some makeup bag inspiration for the season, take a look here!

What are your favorite trends that you’re looking forward to this season?

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