The Best Technique for Washing Makeup Brushes

If you didn’t know, washing your makeup brushes is essential to your beauty routine. It doesn’t matter if you use one brush or 50 brushes, whether you wear makeup every day or only on special occasions, you need to consistently wash the brushes you’re using.

Bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, and more live within the bristles so to make sure you’re not putting those germs back onto your face because it can cause breakouts and acne.

I recommend washing your brushes once a week; sometimes you may forget and if you have to go two weeks, that’s ok but more than that is no good. Washing your brushes does not have to be a huge ordeal, all you need is a few minutes and supplies you already have in your house.

I promise it’s easier than you think!

What you need:

  • Anti bacterial dish soap
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Cloth Towel or Paper Towels

You can also use this cleanser by beautyblender which is specifically made for the beautyblender sponge but I use it on my brushes and it works beautifully.

I alternate between the above supplies and my beautyblender cleanser, both give me the same effect!

brushes-how to clean makeup brushes-makeup brushes-laurageller

Here’s what to do:

  1. In a dish, divide 1/2 soap & 1/2 olive oil
  2. Dip the tip of your brush into the mixture
  3. Wash the brush with your hands, while keeping brush facing down (do not run the brush underneath the water)
  4. Squeeze out excess water & cleaning liquid, until there is no more makeup residue
  5. Lay flat to dry

It’s very important to not run the brushes under water and lay flat to dry; do not stand the brushes up. The water can leak into the ferrel of the brush and loosen the glue, ultimately ruining your brushes.

Depending on the number of brushes you have, this is an easy task and you really only have to wash the brushes you’re using and that are dirty. I use the same 6-10 brushes so washing them is not a big deal.

Just remember, clean brushes=better makeup application and a clean face!

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