Top 5 Best Sheet Masks

I’ve talked about skincare on here before & I think it’s really important to be well educated about skincare. Without good skin, no makeup will look good. Skin comes first!

You know your skin best, whether you’re dry, normal, oily, or combination & you know what works for you; by now, you probably have a skin routine that is working for you most of the time.

As I got older and figured out what worked for me & one of my favorite parts of my skincare routine are masks.

The beauty industry has really evolved from the regular cucumber or mud mask you picked up in the drug store and slathered on your face until it felt like drying cement; masks come in all shapes & sizes. April Franzino, the Beauty Director of Good Housekeeping mentioned sheet masks on our Facebook Live a few weeks ago, and how they are really great for your skin.

While I have a few regular masks in tubes or jars, I really love sheet masks as they’re super easy to apply & clean up and pack a serious punch when it comes to skincare benefits.

From masks that prep your face for makeup to hydrating and pore minimizing masks, there is really something out there for everyone; however, these are my top favorites.

  1. Dr Jart Water Replenishment Cotton Mask: Dr Jart is one of my favorite skincare brands & they have so many good sheet masks, but this hydrating one is my favorite. It feels so good on your skin and really leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.
  2. Karuna Clarifying Face Mask: Karuna is another brand that has great sheet masks and this is my favorite mask for when my skin is acting up. It helps reduce redness & blemishes while still being hydrating and nourishing for the skin.
  3. When Makeup Base Mask: This is exactly what the name says, it preps your skin for makeup. This is the perfect mask to put on before a night out or special occasion. It firms, tightens, and hydrates your skin so your makeup applies evenly and smoothly.
  4. Boscia Sake Brightening Hydrogel Mask: When I first opened this mask I was shocked to see it had two parts; two seperate masks for the top & bottom halves of your face. This made it incredibly easy to apply and wear so I really like this aspect of it. For the actual mask, it was cooling and then after removing it, your face had a slight glow to it. It’s hydrating as well as truly brightening, making this an essential mask for someone with hyper pigmentation.
  5. Sephora Pomegranate Sheet Mask: This was one of the first sheet masks I tried and it continues to be a repurchased item today. I love anything anti-fatigue and this is exactly that. It is a little more slippery than the other masks I just talked about but still awesome. This mask gives the skin an awakened & refreshed appearance, making it ideal for a morning skincare routine or a great mask to do before a night out.


These masks have a few things in common: easy to apply, not too slippery, hydrating, refreshing, and instant gratification. Sheet masks are definitely becoming more mainstream and you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the aisles of Sephora, Ulta, and all other beauty stores.

Have you ever tried a sheet mask? Leave your comments below, we’d love to hear from you!



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