Coverlock Cream Foundation

It’s a very exciting week in the Laura Geller Beauty office because our new releases are finally available! There is always a lot of prepping that goes on behind the scenes of creating and releasing products for all your Gellerinas to use, so once the finished product is finally in stores & online, it’s very exciting.

The best part of my job is posting that first reveal on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook & seeing all of your reactions! Everyone loves new products, even the people behind the brand šŸ˜‰

I wanted to take the time to go through the huge new release… if you haven’t heard we just launched our first full coverage cream foundation called Cover Lock Cream Foundation. This was teased in the first post on the blog, “Favorite Foundations” and it’s finally arrived!

It’s a big launch for us as it’s the first liquid/cream full coverage foundation we have in the line.

coverlock-foundation-full coverage-laurageller

Cover Lock is a true full coverage foundation that can cover anything from acne, discoloration, scars, and tattoos — yes tattoos! It’s very high pigmented so you only a new a little bit to cover your entire face (trust me, I’ve tried it)

Sometimes full coverage foundations can be slightly uncomfortable to wear because it’s truly covering everything you don’t want revealed — that is NOT the case with Cover Lock. It adapts to all the movements of your face and feels comfortable all day.

The really special & exciting thing about Cover Lock is that it has Ā Prime Lock Seal, which means that it creates a protective barrier for your skin & keeps out pollutants & environmental stressors — who doesn’t want that?

Now, you might be wondering about skin types. Some people hear full coverage & get worried that it won’t work with their skin type. Well, like I’ve mentioned in my skincare post, I have very dry skin & this is a really great foundation for me. It doesn’t crease, crack, or cling to dry patches. It has Hyaluronic Acid in it which helps with hydrating the skin.

coverlock-cream foundation-laurageller-full coverage foundation

Cover Lock Cream Foundation comes in 9 shades & match up to our other foundations, so if you’re Medium in Balance-n-Brighten, you’ll be Medium in Cover Lock!

I hope you all try outĀ Cover Lock & love the full coverage, flawless finish it gives you!



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