The Skincare Must Haves for Winter

Winter has arrived and in New York over this past weekend, we had our first real snowstorm. The air was dry and frigid, but the snow was beautiful. It doesn’t get much better than New York covered in a blanket of snow.


So, outside is freezing & inside has the heat all the way up… what does this mean for our skin? With your skin experiencing such drastic temperature changes, the moisture is taken out of your skin and you’re more prone to dry skin, red patches and chapped lips.

That’s why winter skincare is my favorite, because it’s when your skin needs the most TLC. Here are a few of my favorite products for the cold weather season:

  1. Moisturizer: This is probably the most important item you could own during the winter. My favorite is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream because it’s not too heavy, sinks right into the skin, can be used for face & body, and mostly importantly, is fragrance free & safe for sensitive skin!

* Side note: If moisturizer isn’t your thing, you’re afraid of too many layers (which you shouldn’t be), our Spackle Hydrating is a great alternative! I LOVE this primer in the winter and while it’s not technically skincare, it’s a treatment Spackle & has the skincare benefits you need to survive the winter cold.

  1. Serum: For extra added moisture, try an oil or a serum. They have even more skincare benefits than the average cream & will give you the extra boost your skin needs during the cold months. I like to use my Laura Mercier Rose Oil and then put the First Aid Beauty cream on top, right before bed.
  2. Lip Care: My lips are always pretty chapped, no matter the weather outside, so you can imagine during the winter it’s even worse. I have struggled with finding a good lip balm that can handle the heat, but the Toyko Milk Femme Fatale in Salted Caramel is as good as it could get. It’s very thick but not uncomfortable, and really moisturizes your lips. It’s suitable for day or night wear.


winter skincare-spackle-lip scrub-laura geller beauty

*Another side note: Make sure you exfoliate your lips. It helps remove all the dead skin and gives you a more smooth pout. My all time favorite is our Lip Strip Smoothing Sugar Scrub. It comes in a tube with a easy applicator to apply directly to your lips, and really smooths out the lips.

A few other winter skin care tips: use a hydrating face mask once a week to really deeply hydrate your skin; a good hand lotion will do wonders for chapped hands, and try your hand at dry brushing before hopping in the shower!

Let us know some of your must have winter items. We would love to hear from you.

Xoxo Briana


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