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Beauty is pretty much everything to me. I don’t know when it started, but it probably started while I watched my mom apply lipstick, as it does with most little girls.

It wasn’t until I was halfway through college that the beauty industry became something new, and that was all thanks to influencers & Youtube beauty blogs. I started paying more attention to the New Arrivals sections on Sephora & Ulta, and quickly racked up VIB status. My love of beauty led to me to my dream job, as social media coordinator for Laura Geller Beauty.

I’m Briana, and I’m the girl behind the Instagram and now I’m bringing you our very own Laura Geller blog. But it won’t JUST be about Laura Geller; it’s an all-encompassing beauty blog from someone directly involved in the industry.

As I said before, I’m a diehard beauty junkie. I work at a major beauty brand, but still buy everything else from other brands. I am fascinated by all the new releases, different formulas, and how products compare to each other. I also love what beauty means; you are not hiding yourself, but just bringing forward your best features. Makeup makes you feel beautiful, and fancy, and it’s nice to have products that make you feel good.

Laura is exactly the same way. She truly believes in using makeup to enhance what your natural beauty, and allowing makeup to give you confidence; that is how Laura fell in love with beauty.

She mentions in this Daily Row blog, that a woman she knew when she was younger worked at a department store selling makeup & would do Laura’s makeup for big events. It made Laura feel empowered and beautiful, and that’s the moment she knew it was for her. To make women feel their best is her passion and what beauty2share is all about!

Laura Geller and influencers at Orlando Dinner


I wanted to start this blog to share my passion of beauty with all of you, and to instill some of that passion into you as well! We’re all about beauty2share here at Laura Geller, and as the resident beauty junkie, I thought I’d share some of my knowledge, excitement, and thoughts with you on everything beauty.

We’ll cover skincare, makeup, nail polish, DIY, and lots more. Don’t worry, all you diehard Geller Gals won’t be left out, I’ll give sneak peeks of new Laura Geller products, and of course, share my favorite LG products with you all!

To start off this blog journey, let’s talk about my favorite foundations… and maybe a sneak peek at something new we’ve been cooking up in the Laura Geller Bakery for you!

  1. Balance-n-Glow: Let’s start off with an OG Laura Geller product. Balance-n-Glow debuted last year in our Roman Holiday TSV on QVC & QVCUK and it was a game changer. I already loved Balance-n-Brighten but Balance-n-Glow gives my skin the perfect amount of illumination, and really gives an airbrushed look. I get SO many compliments, even from people in the office about my skin when I wear this foundation so it’s definitely a top contender.
  1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation: I have a love/hate relationship with liquid foundations. I am way too lazy to apply them in the morning before work, but I do love them when I’m not half asleep. I purchased this luxury foundation a few months back and was wowed by it! It feels super lightweight on the skin but is medium-full coverage. It also looks phenomenal on the skin; this is another foundation where people are complimenting my skin, not my makeup.
  1. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick: I didn’t wear foundation until I was 19 years old, and the first one I ever bought was the Maybelline FIT ME Foundation Stick. I was super intimated by foundation: how do you apply it? How do you color match? What is it supposed to do? I felt like a foundation stick was the perfect solution for a beginner and it is! This is a cream to powder finish, and light coverage but it’s perfect for on the go application. You can even blend it in with your fingers so that’s an added bonus (just make sure your hands are clean!)

Are you ready for a sneak peek?

Coming in January 2017, we have a BRAND NEW FULL COVERAGE LIQUID FOUNDATION launching from Laura Geller. It’s hydrating, light weight, but the ultimate coverage.

Coverlock Foundation – January 2017 Launch


We’ll make sure to keep you posted on social media when the exact release date is near, but Coverlock Cream Foundation is being released. January 2017 is coming quickly!

Thank you all for reading today & watch the blog next week for my 2nd post!


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